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Engage in our fun-filled Durian Party this 2023 where you can get to choose any durians from our pyramid. In the Heap of Durians, we have a combination of different Durian cultivas put together. Of-course, the main objective is out to confuse you to see if you'll be able to identity the durians from its exterior and pick what you're looking for! 


Before you attend the Durian Party, these are some useful information that you will want to know beforehand so you will have an idea of what you're choosing!

XO Durian, also known as Ang Heh, is a premium variety that is highly sought after by Durian connoisseurs. It has a creamy texture and a complex, nuanced flavor with notes of wine, brandy, and caramel.

Musang King, also known as Mao Shan Wang, is perhaps the most well-known Durian variety. It has a rich, creamy texture and a bittersweet flavor with notes of caramel and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Golden Phoenix is a small, round Durian variety that is prized for its intense aroma and flavor. It has a rich, buttery texture and a sweet, slightly spicy flavor with notes of honey and almonds.


We warmly welcome all Durian Connoisseurs & Experts to join us in our Durian Party. To us, its really about gathering durian lovers to share and know one-another, while having fun ofcourse!

Get the best bang for your buck if you're able to select the Musang King(s) and Black Gold(s) !

There is bound to be one flavor that keeps your tastebud stranded!

**Do note that for all appointment bookings, we will charge a deposit of $20.00 per appointment, it is to prevent spam and no-show appointments.


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